7 Benefits to Creating a Transformational Journal Practice+ FREE Soul Write Your Life 7 Day, 7 Entries, 7 Miracles Journal Practice

What is Transformational Journaling?

Transformational journaling is FREE Therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit. Journaling is much more than just a cathartic practice for emotional relief, it can be a transformational practice for personal and spiritual growth. It is not merely a mirror of your feelings and thoughts, but a place to explore your truth to create an intimate look at life and your purpose in it.

This practice goes beyond the teenage years of penning the latest gossip, pining about your new crush, complaining about your parents, or dramatizing your social life. Although this was quite helpful in those informative years, however transformational journaling takes you a few steps further. An intentional journal process for personal growth allows you to create deep and lasting change in your life. When you understand of how your actions, behaviors, habits and thoughts contribute to our life experience, you become empowered to make choices that allow you to live beyond what you think is possible.

Journaling is a Powerful Transformational Tool for Healing and Creating the Life You Want to Live

When you ask questions that allow for a new perspective and understanding of your situation you become empowered with the wisdom to make different choices. When you reflect on your experiences and see them from a new vantage point, you’re able to learn from the experiences. Rather than just living the same reality day in and day out you begin to notice and become aware of repeating patterns, habits, and limited belief systems that no longer serve you.  A practice of writing offers you an opportunity for self-reflection and establishes a mindful meditation on your life and purpose. Your journal practice become the space where your burdens fall away so your inner light can lead the way and a loving and sacred sanctuary to be guided by your intuition and wisdom.


 Making Time for a Transformational Journal Practice

You might be thinking I don’t have time to start a journaling practice. I can hardly keep up with my daily tasks at hand, but what if I told you that a journal practice could save you time? And not only save you time, but will bring you more peace, joy and abundance and creativity into your life. My number one self-care practice is meditation followed by my number two self-care practice journaling. You Don’t actually need a lot of time; you just need to take the time.

How does it save you time?

An effective and short journal practice is like taking the garbage out.  We collect so much mental garbage throughout our day that we can create or perpetuate unwanted narratives that we push into our future. Our narratives and ways of thinking can create distraction, confusion and frustration that lead to actions that create drama and conflict which take up our time and precious energy for the things we want to create. When you engage a with journal practice you are able to have more clarity and intention which leads us to actions that streamline and support what’s most important to your purpose and life.

When you’re ready to get started grab my Soul Write for Life, 7 day, Entries, 7 Miracles journal practice that corresponds with each of the 7 incredible benefits of transformational journaling.


1. Journaling Creates Connection Between You and Your Soul.

Journaling is an intimate and quiet space for you to express yourself freely and explore your creative, joyful and intuitive nature. When we engage with our expressive writing in a heartfelt, honest and authentic way we can tap into our true nature, where we can celebrate the soul beings that we are. Through writing you can connect to your pure essence that is not connected to your role, job, belief system or other people’s opinions. It is a way into self-exploration which cultivates love and self-care for ourselves, others and the world.


  1. Journaling to Increase Gratitude and Appreciation

A gratitude practice is one of the best daily practices you do. A consistent journal practice of gratitude and appreciation begins to uplift and elevate your emotional state of being.  It brings a sense of meaning, purpose, appreciation and fulfillment. It is a way to overcome a sense of lack by appreciating what you have. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you don’t like about yourself, you turn your attention on what you can feel grateful for or what you can appreciate about yourself.

A gratitude journal grows and expands as you practice daily.  As you focus on the good things in your life or about yourself it grows exponentially. If there is something you want to bring more into your life, such as a sense of community, relationship, support, new job, personal success, a practice of gratitude will allow you to receive what you need. When you focus on gratitude for those things already being expressed in your life, it allows more of it to come into your life. You can think about gratitude in your head, but the act of writing it imprints it into your body and mind making the results so much more powerful. It provides  with a biological blueprint for a new way of thinking, being and acting.


  1. Journaling to Resolve Problems and Create Solutions

It can give you clarity on difficult situation or perhaps an important decision you need to make.  Using a journal practice for challenging situations helps to make important connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  We often have patterns and ways of thinking that create conflict or mental blocks to creating positive solutions. It’s very common for people to get so stuck in their problem that it creates mental blindness where a positive or creative solution is not possible. When we explore our problems from a curious and open-minded space, we often will gain a new perspective of our situation and go beyond just narrating the problem.  A breakthrough happens when we step outside of our usual way of seeing something.


  1. Journaling Connects You to Purpose and Vision

    Your purpose and vision allow for your life’s path to unfold and is essential to your sense of joy and fulfillment.  Your Purpose is your passion and vision in combination of natural gifts and talent, skills and interests and the difference you want to make in the world. Sometimes when we meet challenges or get caught up in the minutiae of life, we can forget what brings us passion and a sense of purpose. Throughout life we continue to clarify and expressed in new ways.To write is to remember what you were born to express in the world.


5. Journaling Enhances Emotional Self Care

Emotional self-care is essential to living a productive, fulfilling and joyful life. Journaling with intention allows you to let go of fear, worry, and pain. It’s landing spot to process self-doubt, insecurities and unworthiness. When your equipped with a transformational writing process you can shift negative thinking, change belief systems and gain valuable insight on a challenging situations.


  1. Journaling Cultivates trust your Intuition and Wisdom

   When you develop a regular transformational journal practice you are able to track your progress. As you track your progress you begin to collect evidence of positive changes that are happening in your life. When this happens, you begin to trust your intuition wisdom to guide your life rather than relying on your mind, which is always limited because it is merely a record of what you have already done. When you experience your wisdom and intuition bringing you peace, joy and abundance your life changes in the most profound and astonishing ways. You begin to understand that life does not have power over you, you have power over life by the way you think, act and behave. Your inner life is merely a reflection of your outer world.


  1. Journaling Improves Mental and Physical Health

Underlying most health issue is an emotional imbalance either from stress, traumatic event, loss or physical injury. When you don’t have a way to process life events it becomes stored as memory and lives in the tissues of the body creating stress in your body. Elevating your physical and emotional stress strengthens the immune system for quicker recovery time. Daily Journaling has been scientifically proven to help decrease anxiety, depression and stress. Get Started with a FREE Soul Write Your Life 7 Days, 7 Entries, 7 Miracles Journal Practice