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Guided Meditations
Music, Art, and Children's Book Series by Gwendolyn Williams
Faith Williams, Spirit Coaching, Bodywork | Petaluma and San Francisco Bay Area

“I know I am the master of my life and there is nothing more rewarding than teaching others to become more of their divine truth and follow their life purpose.”

“We want our circumstances to change so we can feel good, but as Ghandi spoke so wisely we have to BE the change we want to see. In my personal commitment to seek my change from within I have experienced this truth of this wisdom and live to share it with others. My own personal transformations have been a result of letting something more powerful than my mind be the guiding force of my life. Now that I’m leading my life from this perspective, Spirit embodied, I understand that all I need to transform, transpire and inspire is to live and be the truth of who I am.”

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