It is in your presence that you are most powerful and most fulfilled.

Spiritual Guidance

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

A spiritual guidance session is a great way to receive support if you need clarity, direction guidance on a specific area of your life.

We ultimately come to points in our life where we can feel stuck, sad, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, and unfulfilled in certain areas of our life. A spiritual session is intended to help you to shift from feeling disempowered to self- empowered by seeing your life circumstances from a new perspective. We all come to places in our life where we feel lost and often the break down is the pivoting point to a break through depending how you choose to look at your situation. If you see yourself as an evolutionary being then you understand that expanding to your next desire often requires letting go of a belief or concept that keeps you from creating the life experience you want whether it’s a better relationship, new friends, different job, or more abundance. My work with you is being the bridge between the break down and break through as you embrace your inner connection as your guide map to truth, divine knowing and purpose.

A Spiritual Guidance session includes:

  • Intuitive Reading
  • Guided Meditation
  • A tool or practice to help support your next step
  • Guided energy healing
  • Recording and recap of your session

Experience instant relief as you connect back the wellness of your spirit

*All clients who are interested in one of the coaching programs are required to schedule a spiritual guidance session. If one of the Spirit Coaching programs is the right fit for you will  ½ of the cost of the Spiritual Guidance session will be applied to first month of coaching fees.

Investment: $125

Begin Your Spiritual Guidance Session Here

You will first complete a short intake form and then book your session with me. 

“I have learned techniques to help me with my anxiety and chronic pain.”

“Working with Faith as my spirit coach has refined the quality of my life. I have learned spiritual-emotional techniques to help me with my anxiety and chronic pain. Faith’s amazing intuition and her positive, caring approach creates an atmosphere where you can really challenge yourself and make strides in being spirit-led.”