Group Sacred Soul™ Coaching Programs

I’m thrilled to introduce Tribe to Thrive my new coaching program. A small community people coming together with the intention to expand and grow— powerfully accelerates each individual’s vision and purpose of living a profoundly joyful and fulfilled life.

I was born on a spiritual path and was created to inspire and teach others to their own truth, wisdom, and empowerment. After many years of seeking the freedom and connection of my soul through meditation, training, teaching, coaching, living, experiencing and lots of MISTAKING. I have come to understand two basic reasons that keep people from reaching beyond their limiting beliefs — fear and lack. Fear of letting go of the known and the lack of support and resources to live a stunning and glorious life experience.

In my desire to create an opportunity for as many people who are committed and passionate to move beyond the limitations of the mind to embrace their most authentic and courageous life. It doesn’t matter what you are seeking the only one way out is IN. The inward journey is instrumental in your transformational experience and the road to never-ending growth and expansion.

I designed a program where experience, time, and money are not a hindrance to receiving the support and guidance essential to breaking through limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns that feed the emotional wheel of fear, doubt, shame, and judgment.

The tribe to thrive coaching program is designed for 2- 4 participants. This intimate small group setting allows for each person’s needs to be met and allows for partner activities to support and deepen your understanding of the tools and practices being presented.

The group session will be held on the Zoom platform and scheduled according to the availability of the group. Recorded for your convenience. If you are interested click below to be on the waitlist and I will contact you.

Meditation Circle

Every 4th Sunday 6-7:30

Starting January 19, 2020 commune with your spirit at the sacred studio space of Living Inspiration. In the tradition of kundalini yoga we will use our voice, body and our divine energy to connection to the light of our soul. Let the power of meditation fuel your life. No experience necessary. Space limited.

“I feel a deeper level of awareness and connection with my life.”

“Faith provides a safe and nourishing environment where I can speak authentically about what is true about me and my life. The level of comfort and compassion she provides allows me to see what disconnects me from living life more fully. With Faith support and coaching I feel more courageous to see what mental traps and patterns keep me from living the truth of who I am.”