Living Inspiration is the pure potential of you in the miracle of this life.

Who Am I ?

I’m a Sacred Soul™ coach. I am a bodyworker. I’m a healer. I’m a mother. I’m a wife. I’m a musician. I’m writer. I’m an athlete.

However, I am really none of these. They are roles that I play to explore and express myself in this life. Every day I ask myself how I can be my truth and light in each of these roles, so that I don’t become them, but that I experience myself in these roles to expand my awareness and personal growth in my humanly imperfect nature, as embodied spirit.

Do I have my life mastered? Not yet, but I know I am the master of my life and there is nothing more rewarding than teaching others to become more of their divine truth and follow their life purpose. My training as a health practitioner, bodyworker, spirit coach, and most important my own personal transformations has allowed me to experience more fullness and wholeness of who I am, and assist others on their personal journey.

Am I perfect? No. Happy? YES! I’m in a constant state of evolution expanding myself through self-imposed limitations. Every day as we strive to reach for more in our life we must be willing to leap past the blocks that hold us hostage from who we are and what we can Be and what we can Do.

In 2005, I experienced a personal health crisis, that I see as a true miracle that gave me back life.

We are called into this life with a divine purpose and when we deny our worth, value and our God given gifts we squelch the light (and Life) right out of our lives. When we let our life circumstances, conditions and relationships become our excuse for not growing into to the person we want to BE, and we hold our selves apart from the life force energy that gives birth to all that we want to create, and we perpetually deny who we are…dis-Ease can be our wake up to our life’s purpose. That is if we are willing to acknowledge what needs to fall away in order to live it more fully.

At the time of my awakening to spirits call I knew that I was at a fork in the road and it was a choice of life or death both literally and symbolically. Now I understand that life and how you live it is a choice. One night I put out a very powerful prayer before I went to sleep. I said, “God, (and I’m not religious in a conventional sense) what do I need to do to restore my body back to wellness?” I went sleep that night and woke from a powerful dream that guided me back to consult with one of my spiritual teachers. This began my journey back to being spirit led, and essentially has transformed my life in ways profound and unexpected.

Around that same time I had a life changing session with Tom Hendrickson, D.C., a world-renowned authority on musculoskeletal disorders. The Founder and President of the Hendrickson Method® Institute. Tom is an extraordinary healer who’s wisdom was the gift that returned me back to my service as a massage and cranio-sacral therapist. It was in the act of stepping back into my calling that I began to heal myself. Tom’s ability to see beyond my own personal limitations allowed me the clarity to see my own power as a healer that had always been my gift. Even as a child I had the ability to uplift others to a possibility beyond their own eyes and their current conditions. On many occasions I would bring my family out of a depressed state without even changing a single thing about the conditions and circumstances that we were living. I was able to elevate my family to a different state of awareness, where down trodden faces in a room of hopelessness would be transcended into a joyous state of laughter and fun.

We want our circumstances to change so we can feel good, but as Ghandi spoke so wisely we have to “BE the change we want to see”. In my personal commitment to seek my change from within I have experienced the truth of this wisdom and live to share it with others. My own personal transformations have been a result of letting something more powerful than my mind be the guiding force of my life. Now that I’m leading my life from this perspective, Spirit embodied, I understand that all I need to transform, transpire and inspire is to live and be the truth of who I am. It has been a joy and pleasure to assist and guide others to this powerful truth.


  • Certified Massage Therapist Diamond Light School of the Arts 2004- continuing education in 2008/2014
  • Cranio-sacral Training, Upledger Institute 2002-2004
  • Master Spirit Coach Training 2008-2010
  • Master Spirit Coach Group Training 2014-2016
  • Nutrition and Supplement Adviser 2006-2008
  • Foundation for Spiritual Development: 2003-2005 and 2008-2016. As student and teacher assistant.

“I feel connected and clear when she coaches me.”

“She has helped me to clear obstacles and to peel back layers helping me to be my true authentic self. She has a gentle and compassionate way of helping me to see the areas in my life that are blocking my growth.”

Pam L.