Move beyond who you think you are.


In the power of you NOW.

Presence is all that we can BE. In that presence of you resides a power beyond the minds ability to perceive. To create a life filled with love, creativity, peace, abundance and freedom we must be step beyond what we know into a realm of infinitive self where ALL is possible.

Living a spirit led life is a shift in consciousness. It’s reaching out into the field of possibilities saying, Yes, yes, yes I can have that dream. I can envision it and I can manifest it into the physical presence. I am God presence and God presence is me. There is no separation but a consciousness of ONE, together.

The shift of consciousness needs to come from the inside out. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. It’s not about more effort or more action, it’s about realigning yourself to the directives of your higher-Self.

The mind can only create from what it knows, your higher spirit can give you the clarity to find the easiest, fun, and most aligned path to what who your wanting to BE, what your wanting to create, which extends from your ability to trust your intuition. To be led from a more powerful place. SPIRIT.

BE Sacred Soul™ Coached NOW

Who do you need to BE as my coaching client?

Step out of your mind and into the unknown, where all is possible.
Participating in co-creative relationship.
Invoking your intuition as your guide to map your life.
Receptive and committed to new life tools & practices.
Inviting your inner wisdom to create your visions and dreams.
Trusting the growth & process to serve your best & most blessed life.

How can you benefit from being led by your Sacred Soul™ self?

Inspire yourself and let your heart beat to what you LOVE
Now you can create your life vision & see it to fruition.
Stay present & connected with your unique spiritual practice.
Presence to power your human potential.
Investigate and clear limited beliefs that keep you stuck.
Realize your unique gifts & express yourself in miraculous ways.
Experience more ease, freedom, joy & abundance in life.
Develop & learn daily practices and life tools that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Sacred Soul™ Coaching Programs

“The joy and love that I now feel makes me feel excited to continue on my life’s journey.”

“The profound wisdom and transformation I have received in the spirit coaching work has brought me to my knees in appreciation. I’m listening more deeply to my inner wisdom. I’m loving more freely, laughing more often, and feeling deep profound love for others.”

Cindy Butler