Our heart is the doorway to true power and freedom.

by | Aug 27, 2016

I’m feeling a pressure in myself to keep the pace until I arrive to where I’m headed, but my spirit wise, says stop dear and be present with what you think you might want when you get there. And so I really just want to sit inside myself today. Sip my coffee. Breathe deeply. Reflect on all the beauty that I have created. I want to stare at the trees and watch the the wild life dance their nature in my presence. A hummingbird greets me to say, its all right to BE in time your presence. In the rapid beating of her wings I fill with love and appreciation for this life and all those who have participated in it.

Even those who have been and can be a prickly bush in my back side. I love them all. They show me the conditions of my mind as they are projected on to me and I am accepting and reflecting of them. The wall of judgement has begun to crumble around me, and the light of my heart is set free to love more deeply the humanity we all live. And so, as hard as it may be to accept one who’s heart is harden by life. Our heart is the doorway to true power and freedom. We often shut the door to our heart because being loving has been followed with pain, and so in our association with it, we keep our heart safe from potential danger, but then we also barry the potential of our love, suffocating the planted life within.

In that hole we call “safety” hides the pain of our joy unexpressed. Fear gives us reason to stand guard in the fortress of our life. How can you open your heart a little more today? Let your light shine a little brighter. Maybe it’s like me. Just sitting a while in your own presence. Appreciating all that life has brought you.

Much love to all the eyes that read this, may the light of your spirit be touched.