Spiritual Elixir

Embrace the divine in you. Let Love be the doorway to your highest living potential.

I believe that we are here to share our gifts with humanity to expand into a higher place of consciousness. If we don’t do what we love and challenge ourselves to move beyond our current state expression our life becomes dull, monotonous and meaningless. Too often we are only doing the things that we think we “should” be doing.

I have dedicated this page for sharing my own creativity and what inspires me as way to show that I’m not only teaching how to connect others with their spirits purpose but I’m living and breathing InSpirit- Inspired.

Music Workshop

My songs are written to capture the essence of spiritual compassion for human experience to relate and elevate human consciousness.


Writing Workshop

I have begun writing Soapbox Soul Talks, named for the purpose of a children’s book series that embraces the understanding that our personality is the perfect design to fulfill and perpetuate our highest level of spiritual growth this life time. The idea that our flaws can be our gift was a beautiful personal revelation changing the way I think about myself. This transformation of human perspective came from hearing Gina Lake, a renowned book author of over twenty channeled spiritual books, speak in her hometown Sedona Arizona, thus inspiring my first poetic children’s story.

Rose with the Crooked Toe’s by Faith Star Williams

Click here to read excerpt from the work in progress book series.

Rose, oh Rose with the crooked toes. Did you know Rose had crooked toes?

You might not know it cause her eyes smile so bright, but her toes exposed make her feel not quiet right.

She stood on her head, she stood on her nose still crooked were her toes.

Rose, Oh Rose, with the crooked toes

She buried her toes deep in the sand hiding the bend that made her toes go around to the other end.

What was to go straight went to the right, and what went right went to the left and out of sight.

Her heart was full of love but her mis-behaving toes pushed her out of her yoga pose.

Rose oh, Rose with the crooked toes said, “Why can’t these toes just be right then I could be happy, full and bright. Walk in my life like an arrow straight into the sun where all is fun.”

Roses toes never grew right, no matter how much she wanted them to go with the flow they would only be the toes she knows.

Rose, oh Rose with the crooked toes.

Her heart grew wise and she did realize that if God made everyone’s toes go straight we never know the world goes round.

There would be no trains, planes, or automobiles and so we have to go slow, but now we can fly to moon and back.

Rose, oh Rose with the crooked toes kissed her perfectly mis-shaped feet singing, “Bless be these toes cause they will take me where I need to go”.

Rose and her crooked toes leapt across the world with no repose. The woes that were toes were meant to be there from start, so she could know in her heart that in our design lives the divine.

Rose, oh Rose with the crooked toes. Did you know Rose had crooked toes?

Expressions from Spirit

“Faith is a treasure and a real blessing for those seeking to improve a healthy mind, body and spirit.”

“I am so grateful to Faith for her guidance over the years. I began seeing Faith on a regular basis when I was seriously ill. Her healing massages and her spirit coaching has helped me tremendously in regaining and sustaining my health. Faith showed me through the spirit led method how to be more accepting and loving towards myself.”

Ann Mari