Sacred You Soul Session Intake Form
Spiritual Guidance Questions
If you are interested in a coaching program please continue to answer the questions below.
Rate your life 1-10

Are you are ready thrive with life ? Are you ready to lose your mind?

Who do you need to BE as my coaching client?

Step out of your mind and into the unknown, where all is possible.
Participating in co-creative relationship.
Invoking your intuition as your guide to map your life.
Receptive and committed to new life tools & practices.
Inviting your inner wisdom to create your visions and dreams.
Trusting the growth & process to serve your best & most blessed life.

How can you benefit from being Spirit Led?

Inspire yourself and let your heart beat to what you LOVE
Now you can create your life vision & see it to fruition.
Stay present & connected with your unique spiritual practice.
Play and be supported in the diamond light field of possibility.
Investigate and clear limited beliefs that keep you stuck.
Realize your unique gifts & express yourself in miraculous ways.
Experience more ease, freedom, joy & abundance in life.
Develop & learn daily practices and life tools that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.