Pull your mind and body out of past and into the future where ALL you want is possible

Quiet the Mind.

Awaken the Heart.

Ignite the Spirit.

Experience life beyond the mind and live in service of your higher vision and creative purpose.

In the most pragmatic sense meditation serves to move your consciousness beyond the analytical and into deeper levels of consciousness. Meditation takes your attention off your outer world, your body, time, problems to the awareness of your inner world of thoughts and feelings.  Meditation takes us from survival to creation; from separation to connection; from imbalance to balance; from lack to abundance.  

Our most vital power to create our greatest vision for our life is experiencing the state of the unknown. Our mind is a record of our past and the emotion that is associated with the minds experience is anchored in the past. Spirit led method is designed with tools, practices and meditations to lose your mind and create a new one that holds the beliefs that support what your wanting to create and experience.  We cannot create anything new if we are focused in our past. Meditation allows you to become familiar with the emotions that keep you connected to false-self. The past only recreates the same probable future. I remember my spiritual teacher saying, you wouldn’t take out the garbage out and keep bringing it back in house to sort through it.  Meditation is a way to clear your mental garbage and enter the unknown, the perfect place to manifest your life’s visions.

I invite you to listen my guided meditations to experience yourself in a new light.  

Rose Meditation

A meditation to clear negative energy and connect you to higher self.


I see prayer as an intention in stepping into the greater you. It is an invocation to bring you into connection with the deepest most authentic aspect of your consciousness.  

Prayer with the attitude of gratitude for all that you are and all the abundance you have is an extraordinary way to begin and live each day.

Prayer is not begging or pleading it’s a surrendering into the unknown to create your best life circumstance. It’s holding our visions and dreams beyond our mind to be guided by a greater intelligence that has resources and power much greater than our own. It is here you will witness the miracle of your life.  

Prayer in Song

A prayer is asking, and surrendering to the unknown. Since I was a child I have been dreadfully afraid to talk in groups. For many years, I have been praying to be release my fear of speaking in front of groups. I wrote the song as my divinity song during a spiritual retreat- I sang this in a group of 25 people. A year prior I was still nervous to speak in front of people, let along sing. I continue to place myself in the middle of my fear. To have faith that I am here to express my light and illuminate the light in others. I can only do that if I’m willing to reach beyond what I know and step into the unknown.

The faith of light is in me. Falling into grace I’d like to be.

The flame of light is burning inside of me, bright in all that I see.
Tears are flowing out if me, but the faith of light never ceases be.

The faith of light is in me. Darkness may come but I know it to be. Change is
rolling over me, but I see that God knows what’s meant for me.

The faith of light is in me; the grace of God is ever to be. I put down my
crown, my cape and sword walk into the light that is me.

God serves through me the gifts that I was born, asking me
so sweetly for his message of love to be born, in the faith of the light in me.

My words will ring through the sky, my voice will be in faith of Gods love.

When I stand in in faith of God, I know that all is done. I can rest in myself
knowing that Gods love is in everyone.

So I open my eyes every day, to find love of God in everyone. Singing my song
the faith of light is in me and so it will be.

Faith Star Williams

“Faith’s massage treatments help me to maintain the balance that I need in my life.”

“ I receive regular body work and the benefits are incredible. Her own enthusiasm with dynamic fitness allowed her to know what I was talking about, and ultimately what I needed. Like an automobile, my body now gets the regular maintenance that it requires, and I am able to go on another jog, throw a ball around with my kids, and lift heavy objects at work. Most importantly, I am able to do it pain free.”

Anthony Bendik