Read what people I’ve worked with have to say.

“Faith has created a safe place for me to open up.”

After years of traditional therapy, I wanted to try a different approach. Working with Faith in spirit coaching has created a safe place for me to open up and explore things about myself and my life in a way I have never experienced before. I have been able to look at things from a different perspective and work through issues being spirit lead and using tools and meditations taught to me by Faith. Even after a few short months together I can feel my intuition is stronger and I have more confidence in myself and to face whatever comes my way. Faith’s bodywork is incredible and I can say hands down without a doubt her massage and energy work leaves me feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than I have ever felt in any other massage. I feel the trapped energy released and walk away feeling light and better than ever. I am so thankful the universe put Faith on my life path and look forward to applying all I’ve learned to continue to grow and experience in my life.


“I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed and taken care of.”

“What can I say about Faith? Well first of all my actions tell 1000 words. I have referred many people/clients to Faith. As a fitness professional I have to feel really comfortable with a professional before making recommendations because it directly affects my business. I feel comfortable recommending Faith because she is a great value and consistently amazing. Everyone I have referred also has been impressed. I am a certified massage therapist myself and have experienced many great massages but I am specifically drawn to Faith because she is the total package. She brings intuition and sensitivity to a wide massage skill and knowledge base. Not only is she sensitive but she can also go deep if that is what is needed. Her energy and presence is amazing. I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed and taken care of.”

Colin Lewis, Wellness Professional

“Faith pays attention to detail and is very intuitive.”

“Faith has been giving me body work for the last six months and she is an amazing healer. Faith pays attention to detail and is very intuitive. She has an innate ability to apply the correct amount of pressure during the massage sessions. Truly a mind blowing experience to have Faith do body work. Faith is very sincere and demonstrates integrity when she works. Simply, Faith is brilliant.”

Kirit Patael

“I feel connected and clear when she coaches me.”

“Being coached by Faith is like a breath of fresh air. She has a way of holding a safe and beautiful space making it easy for me tap into guidance and intuition. She has helped me to clear obstacles and to peel back layers helping me to be my true authentic self. She has a gentle and compassionate way of helping me to see the areas in my life that are blocking my growth. I always look forward to our sessions. I feel connected and clear when she coaches me. I would highly recommend her as a spirit coach.”

Pam L.

“The transformation I have received has brought me to my knees.”

“Faith’s is an amazing, brilliant teacher and intuitive beyond anyone I have encountered. She is always present with me. I can completely be myself and never have felt more free. I love that!

The profound wisdom and transformation I have received in the spirit coaching work has brought me to my knees in appreciation. The joy and love that I now feel makes me feel excited to continue on my life’s journey. I’m listening more deeply to my inner wisdom. I’m loving more freely, laughing more often, and feeling deep profound love for others.

In all the years of therapy and coaching, working with Faith has helped me to make the most profound changes in my life not only for myself but those around me. About a year ago my son was on the verge of suicide. My fear and guilt was keep ping us stuck in the same co-dependent pattern. The spirit led tools and meditation allowed me to surrender to the possibility of him dying. This literally transformed our relationship and freed us both to live our life. My son found his own spiritual path and is now very happy. I feel incredibly blessed to be Spirit-led.”

Cindy Butler

“I have learned techniques to help me with my anxiety and chronic pain.”

“Working with Faith as my spirit coach has refined the quality of my life. I have learned spiritual-emotional techniques to help me with my anxiety and chronic pain. Faith’s amazing intuition and her positive, caring approach creates an atmosphere where you can really challenge yourself and make strides in being spirit-led.”


“Faith showed me how to be more accepting and loving towards myself.”

“I am so grateful to Faith for her guidance over the years. I began seeing Faith on a regular basis when I was seriously ill. Her healing massages and her spirit coaching has helped me tremendously in regaining and sustaining my health. Faith showed me through the spirit led method how to be more accepting and loving towards myself. Faith is a treasure and a real blessing for those seeking to improve a healthy mind, body and spirit. “


“Faith’s massage treatments help me to maintain the balance that I need in my life.”

“I live an incredibly active life chasing my kids and maintaining a fitness regimen. My job as a fire fighter requires that I stay healthy and fit. As a result I “use” my body it is subject to cycles of aches and pains. I believe in a healthier option to managing my health. Faith’s massage treatments help me to maintain the balance that I need in my life. I receive regular body work and the benefits are incredible. Her own enthusiasm with dynamic fitness allowed her to know what I was talking about, and ultimately what I needed. Like an automobile, my body now gets the regular maintenance that it requires, and I am able to go on another jog, throw a ball around with my kids, and lift heavy objects at work. Most importantly, I am able to do it pain free. Thanks, Faith!”

Anthony Bendik

“I feel a deeper level of awareness and connection with my life.”

“Having a coaching body Integration session with Faith is like having a date your inner being –Spirit. When we are done with our session I feel like I can handle anything. Faith provides a safe and nourishing environment where I can speak authentically about what is true about me and my life. The level of comfort and compassion she provides allows me to see what disconnects me from living life more fully. With Faith’s support and coaching I feel more courageous to see what mental traps and patterns keep me from living the truth of who I am. I feel a deeper level of awareness and connection with my life. I feel more capable and empowered to choose how I want to live my life.”