Living Inspiration Individual Coaching Programs

Fast Track to Spirit

8-week program

Be inspired to your limitless transformation.

This program is designed to get a jump start on your inward journey to spirit. This fast paced program is best suited for people who have already been on the path of self-discovery looking to delve deeper to uncovering mental habits and blocks that keep them from creating more abundance and joy. This program is what I call a spiritual cleanse for the soul. Clean out your mental closet and give your meditation practice a boost. Learn 18 simple but powerful tools to transform your waking hours to be more creative and playful. No matter where you are in self-awareness and spiritual development there is always another glass ceiling to break through. You are not limited to 8-week program. I have many clients continue the spirit coaching as a way to continue their spiritual expansion to support their life’s vision and purpose.

Spirit Led Instead

3 to 6-Month Program

Out of your mind into Spirit!

This program is excellent for people who are just being introduced to the idea of taking the inward journey to spirit as a way to become more fulfilled, joyful and abundant. This program moves at a pace that is conducive to creating harmony with other life commitments, allowing focus and attention to be giving to more challenging aspects of your life. It is structured at a pace that allows time to integrate the tools and meditation practices into your daily life. This program is designed to unlock the core beliefs and concepts that keep your life in a holding pattern enabling you to create new limitless beliefs to support your life and vision.

When you are able to be led from your higher connection -SPIRIT- you create an energy flow that allows for your true self-expression and authenticity in this world, thus creating purpose and meaning that gives you the direct path to co-create your greatest vision. This program utilizes the Master Spirit-led work book.

Body Integration Coaching

3 to 9-Month Program

Body Mind Spirit Connection

This program was developed as a result of working with clients who were experiencing chronic illness. For someone experiencing a health crisis, as I did in my life, it is important to treat the whole person. The body stores memories and patterns deep into the body tissues and brain.

The integration of body work, which includes massage, craniosacral, and energy balancing techniques helps bring up and clear old patterns. Partnered with the coaching, this program supports the transformation from ego-consciousness to spirit consciousness. The harmonizing of mind, body, spirit creates new neuropathways in the brain that support a network of limitless beliefs that begin to heal the body–mind to the wellness, joy and love of spirit that is yours to have.

This program is not limited to those experiencing chronic illness. I often recommend this to clients as intermediate step to my other coaching programs.

Day Retreats

Individual and Small Group

Rest and Renewal for the Soul

How often do you give yourself the time to take a whole or 1/2 day to recharge yourself and play in the delight of spirit without any outer distractions?  This is a great opportunity for you to escape from technology, friends, family, work and to-do’s and bask in the delight of your own pure essence, Spirit. Call yourself back home where time becomes a state of being and the time spent with your essence is the renewable resource of your life force energy flowing freely.  In the Jewish tradition this is called the Sabbath.  The Sabbath was created as an oasis of time within a life of unceasing labor. Take time to disconnect with the outer world and connect deeply to the interior life of your spiritual being. Letting everything go to connect to the most powerful place Spirit where all is known and all is done. 

I attend my own personal retreats 2 to 3 times a year and the results in my personal life are absolutely astounding. I come away with a stronger clarity and certainty of who I am and my purpose in this life. I feel increased energy and vitality. A surge creativity and ideas spring forth. People often ask how do you have time for all that you do and the truth is I give myself the gift of sabbath. Slowing down. Taking time to disconnect from the day to day to be in spirit and connect to my own natural rhythm actually allows me to create much more in my life. The more I allow myself the time to dwell inward the easier it becomes and the resources that I need are always provided. 

In this offering you get to participate with my guidance in designing your own date with your inner being. This retreat will include a nature location, meditations, communing & journaling with spirit, and utilizing spirit led tools. 

What to Expect In A Coaching Session

My role as your coach is to facilitate you to the wisest part of yourself that has access to all the solutions and answers you need to live a Spirit inspired life.

  • The session begins with an intuitive reading. This provides you with a deeper understanding and knowing of your Spirit’s intention for what you are wanting to experience, transform and create in your life.
  • In our sessions we will be utilizing the Spirit Led work book to provide the frame work for your spiritual growth and journey. In each module of the work book you will be learning practices and tools that will support you in transforming and shaping your work, relationships and life purpose through your divine light.
  • All coaching sessions include an intuitive reading, guided meditation, recap and recording of session.
  • You will receive support and guidance in between our coaching sessions and a 10-15 minute follow up call if needed.

If you’re interested in being Spirit Led and not sure you can commit to the 3-6 month coaching program book a Spiritual Guidance Session. If you decide Spirit Coaching is the right path for you, half of the cost of your Spiritual Guidance session will be applied towards your Spirit Coach program.

First Time?

“I feel a deeper level of awareness and connection with my life.”

“Faith provides a safe and nourishing environment where I can speak authentically about what is true about me and my life. The level of comfort and compassion she provides allows me to see what disconnects me from living life more fully. With Faith support and coaching I feel more courageous to see what mental traps and patterns keep me from living the truth of who I am.”