“Her massage is intuitive and works on such a deep level
that it literally feels like a therapy session for my body and soul.” ~ L.Joy

$100 – 60 min    $125 – 75 min    $150 – 90 min    $175 – 2 hour

If this is your first time working with me please complete my Intake Form at time of booking. You will only need to do this once.

Active Life Style

Sport & Body Building

This invigorating massage includes stretching, deep tissue, cross fiber and trigger point release. Specialized massage creams and heated moist towels to alleviate sore overworked muscles.

“Faith is the total package. She brings intuition and sensitivity to a wide massage skill and knowledge base. Not only is she sensitive but she can also go deep if that is what is needed. As an athlete and fitness training this is essential. Her energy and presence is amazing. I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed and taken care of.” – Colin Lewis

Traditional Integrative

Balance & Energize

A restorative massage treatment blending deep tissue Swedish, acupressure, reflexology and gentle stretching. Ayurvedic techniques, herbal oils, warm towels, to release stagnation and toxins.

I always look forward to my sessions with Faith. She has a calm and soothing presence that sets me at ease. Her bodywork is impeccable! Her hands are magically guided to the muscles that need the most attention. I highly recommend Faith. You will not be disappointed.” – Stephanie R.

Energy Body Balance

Nourish & Restore

Align your emotional and spiritual into a balanced state of wellbeing. Acupressure, energy system balancing, craniosacral still point release, aromatherapy, scalp, neck and foot massage. Includes sound healing with singing bowls, tuning forks, voice mantras and soul singing.

“This treatment was like a therapy for my Chi. I did not know where time and space went. I was in a deep meditative space and my mind for the first time was completely empty. I did not realize I had let go until I opened my eyes. What an incredible gift to feel completely at peace.” – Jessica Umpress

Soul Time Retreat

Empowered & Revitalized

Can’t afford to take the time for a luxurious weeklong personal retreat? Your problem is carefully handled with this incredible backyard Soul Time treatment. Escape into this deeply nourishing treatment to invigorate & replenish your mind, body and spirit. Experience integrative massage, a garden side hot tub soak, kundalini yoga, meditation, spiritual consultation and option to add vegetarian meal.

This treatment allows for habitual patterns in the mind and body to be released creating a pathway for sustained change and transformation.

What you receive:

• Personalized meditation and spiritual practice to deepen your awareness and continue cultivate your service, purpose and goals. 

• Spiritual council to receive guidance on a specific area of your life for healing, understanding and change.

• Garden side hot tub soak, traditional integrative massage, kundalini yoga and a delicious vegetarian meal. 

“I wasn’t the same person walking back into my life, nor would I want to be. The joy, peace and fulfillment I experienced as result of this treatment inspired me to make changes in my life that were creating stress and anxiety. Faith created a personal and unique spiritual practice that I now do every morning. It brings me back to my truth and deepest desire of staying peaceful and calm. It won’t be the last time I visit her backyard Soul Time Retreat.” Roberta A.

Super Soul Cleanse

Power & Potential

Discover your true source of energy and vitality in this two-week guided Ayurveda cleanse. Take this incredible journey with a small intimate cleanse tribe to transform your life at the deepest level. Includes, guided meditation, yoga, coaching, and interactive group support. You will be amazed by what you discover and in awe of the possibilities that exist for you.

“The Super Soul Cleanse with Faith was an amazing experience. The cleanse allowed me to transform myself on a deep emotional and spiritual level. I eat better, feel better, I have more energy and my days feel so much more productive. I could not have done this without faith’s guidance, coaching and support of the group. The daily communication and check-ins were instrumental to my success. The group interaction and inspiration helped to keep me committed to the end. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for deep and profound changes. I can’t wait to do it again!” – Jennie S.

Super Soul Cleanse is offered in the Spring and Fall. If you’re interested, schedule a free 30-minute consultation before registering.

Enlightened Soul

Vision & Vitality

An eye ghee bath therapy session from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda traditions followed with an herbal hand, foot, neck & facial massage treatment.

“Wow, an eye ghee bath sounds totally crazy, but what a unique experience that everyone must try at least once. Faith’s calm and gentle manner made this new experience easy. I left feeling incredibly soothed, nourished and deeply relaxed.” Michelle S.

What is Ayurveda?
I absolutely love the tradition of Ayurveda. I bring these ancient traditions into my work as often as I can. The Ayurvedic philosophy and practices of naturally bringing the body, mind and spirt into balance has completely transformed my life.

What is Ghee?
Ghee is a type of clarified butter. Butter has several components to it – water, milkfat, and milk solids. To clarify it, unsalted butter is heated so that these three components separate – the water is evaporated, and the milk solids are removed, leaving only the milk fat. That’s the ghee!

Benefits of the Ghee Eye Bath
Ayurveda looks at dry, irritated eyes as an imbalance of pitta (fire) in the body. According to Ayurveda, the eyes are a hot pitta organ that can be aggravated in hot, dry climates or in the summer when heat accumulates.

Cleanses the Eyes
Throughout our days, dust, mucous, minerals and other substances get trapped in our eyes. Ghee loosens it up and all that gunk floats to the surface.

Relaxes the Eyes
Many of us spend hours a day in synthetic light, looking at a screen. Like all muscles, our eyes get tired after continuous use. The ghee deeply nourishes and suspends the eye to let it fully relax. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. The practice of Netra Basti softens the way we “see” and helps us feel supported as we work through it. This practice, when done in a relaxing way, is a gift.

Massage A La Carte

Garden side hot tub soak +$12
CBD massage cream +$8
Hot stones and warm towel combo +$8
Eye Ghee bath +$20
Sound therapy +$15
Meditation & yoga +$25

“What a positive difference she has made in my life!”

“After many years of massage and physical therapy for back and neck pain, I stumbled upon Faith. What a positive difference she has made in my life since then! Her intuitive touch combined with her thorough understanding of anatomy add up to BY FAR the best deep-tissue massage ever! On top of that, she’s a great person to get to know.” ~ Dr. Jim Clark